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Bought for a 2 and 4 year old

The Little Engine That Could

The Little Engine That Could

We had the chance to see this movie in the theater before it came out on DVD (it had a limited theatrical run the month before it was released). We weren't sure what to expect, but I have to say that we loved it! The movie is bright, colorful and FUN! The animation is surprisingly good, and the voice acting top-notch. Usually, movies for younger kids can drag, but this one moved along at a perfect pace, keeping all the kids in the audience enthralled. And I was pleasantly surprised at how FUNNY it was, keeping the adults entertained, too. The filmmakers really did a nice job of making sure all ages can enjoy this.

I also love the fact that this movie was done in conjunction with the Starlight Children's Foundation. Part of the proceeds from the ticket sales went to benefit that charity... and 50 cents from the sale of every DVD also go to help them. So not only are you purchasing a great movie, but you're also helping a good cause. And the theme of this movie is not only perfect for the children who benefit from the Starlight Foundation, but for kids everywhere: "I think I can!"

All in all, if you have young kids, or are a kid-at-heart, this is a must buy! It's a beautifully made, POSITIVE movie with a great message and entertaining characters. I hope they make toys to go along with this!! :)

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7 Responses to “Train Truck”

  • Kyle Michael says:

    This little engine was once in a small Sears Craftsman snowthrower. I am using it on a 26" propeller to move a bicycle...interesting project with my dad. Need to know at what RPM this engine has its best torque. Guessing 3400? Thank you.

  • Wayne Golden says:

    A 200kg box is pulled at constant speed by the little engine pictured below. The box moves a distance of 2.5 m across a horizontal surface.How much energy is transfered by the engine

  • Bruce Brock says:

    How long can a very little jet engine the size of a computer mouse with a little bit of fuel then ignited last untill the fuel runs out and the fire stops coming out?

  • Robert Tyson says:

    anyone seen the new version of the little engine that could? I wanna know who sings the song in the trailer

  • Lea Vance says:

    Bought the camry for my daughter a couple of weeks ago and the car stalled and will not start, no trouble prior to except rough idle. Found how to jumper to read engine trouble codes but can't see where the check engine light is. Thought bulb must be burned out but checked dash and can't tell where it is. I am use to seeing a little engine symbol for this light.

  • Terry Bryan says:

    Recently my car did a little engine hesitation and the check engine light came on. Who will pull that code for free. I went to Autozone and they do not do thata anymore. I would rather not go to a shop until I know whats causing the check engine light. (maybe its something I can fix) So will pepboys or Kragen pull the code? Or should I find someone with the computer to do it?

  • Guy Wolf says:

    Its a little engine that you buy from ebay, but its annoyingly loud. Any way to quiet it down?

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