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VideoSecu Articulating Extension Post installation ML531B

VideoSecu Articulating Extension Post installation ML531B

Update: I just bought a second one a year after the first, and they have improved it! Last year I gave it 4 stars; this year it's a perfect 5!

- The plate that bolts on the TV has been redesigned to permit 5 different placements on smaller TVs with 100mm spaced bolts so you can most likely avoid covering up your connections. (That fixes a problem I had last year.)
- Hanging the TV is dramatically easier! You mount the arm on the wall, the plate on the TV, then hang the TV on the arm with a very clever hook arrangement while you secure them together with 2 screws. You don't have to hold the TV up in the air while doing this anymore.
- The tilt arrangement has been redesigned. You could even leave the tension nut a little loose so you could just grab the screen and tilt it and it would hold its position.
- It now comes with a free HDMI cable and a level.
INSTALLATION HINT: the bracket that bolts to the wall looks like it's designed to be attached with four lag bolts--one each on the top and bottom of the bracket in the center of the stud, and one on each side of the center. Some reviewers figure that two bolts in the center are plenty. Maybe so--the instructions only point out the use of the center two. But I feel more secure having used the two side bolt holes, too. I drilled my pilot holes at an angle to hit the stud (aim right from the left side and aim left from the right side). Since you finish off the installation with plastic covers over the bolt heads, no one will see that they are not flat.

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7 Responses to “Train Truck”

  • Casey Hahn says:

    Fast shipment. Excellent wall mount for our 32" Sharp LCD TV. The price was right and the wall mount is perfect for our basement family room!

  • Carrie Gardner says:

    If you need an articulating mount for a mid sized tv this is it. Durable and simple to install. You just need to do a good job finding the center of the stud and drill pilot holes for the lag bolts. The articulation points have adjustable tension, the center swivel on the tv can turn 360 degree's and tip up and down--basically, you can move it in any direction. Another nice feature is that the vesa mount on the tv is bolted on to the TV, then it 'clips' on the main mount and is secured with to screws (you don't have to install the VESA screws directly to the mount while it's on the wall). If you don't need the full articulation it folds tight (3 inches) to the wall. It easily holds up my 32 inch sanyo (25 pounds), it's rating of 66 sounds resonable when fully extended for safetly reasons. When it's not extended the mount will hold 200 pounds without issue. Oh and it's cheap, comes with a DVI cable I used right away for the DVD player, and has a cheapo magnetic level--that is accurate.

  • Myra Mcpherson says:

    I mounted my 32 inch Sony LCD with this mount near a corner. The tilt and angle adjustments on this are solid, and I am confident my TV is secure for a long time to come. All hardware was included, including 4 screws for the 200 mm tv mounts. It only took 30 minutes to fully complete this. Don't get ripped off at the big box stores, buy this and you will not be disappointed.

  • Jon Foreman says:

  • Miguel Reese says:

    After pricing wall mounts for my 42-inch Samasung LCD in big box stores, I tried this one and found just what I needed at less than 1/3 of the price! It's just what I needed, and the guy who installed it was blown away by the price and the quality.

    If you are hanging a big tv and you want the flexibility of being able to pivot the screen in either direction this is a great product. Attaches to one stud and is quite secure and easy to install.

  • Cody Murray says:

    We are very pleased with this product. Using the wall mount allowed us to put our tv on a wall that we otherwise would have needed to get a piece of furniture that went in a corner and would have been taller than a partial wall that would have shown the back of the furniture. It sits nicely against the wall and the articulating arm works smoothly. Great price, too!

  • Nathaniel Dyer says:

    This wall mount is great. It is constructed very well and was easy to install. It looks clean and discreet on the wall and provides virtually 180 degree swivel for my 32 inch TV. It came with all needed hardware to mount to the wall including heavy duty wall anchors for the wall screws that did not hit a wall stud. The only complication was that I had to get the correct bolts for mounting the TV to the mount itself (the product did come with two different size bolts for this purpose but neither was the right size to mount the TV to the bracket). I found the correct bolts very easily at my local hardware store.

    After hanging the TV (32 inch BestBuy Insignia - Approx 30 lb. with mounting holes 200 X 200) I am very confident my TV is secure and safe. In addition, the product is very well priced. Local stores wanted $100-$150 for similar mounts. WOW!

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