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Our Founders established "Separation of Church and State"

Crime And Immorality Catholic Church

Crime And Immorality Catholic Church

Molly is a 17 year old girl who has been bounced around the social services system for years. Her current foster placement is safe, but she still does not fit in. When she is forced to do community service hours, she meets Vivian, a 91 year old woman who was an orphan herself. Over the course of time, Molly learns that despite their age difference, she and Vivian have much in common. And Vivian finally shares her story with someone, after all these years.

If I had to choose a phrase to describe this book, I would choose "heartbreakingly beautiful". The story is so touching, with its ups and downs. I felt really emotionally connected to this book, despite the fact that it took me a bit of time to get into it. I loved the historical nature of the story, surrounding the orphan trains in the early part of the 20th century, and following Vivian's life through various parts of history. I also like the intertwining nature of both Molly and Vivian's stories. I found the dual timelines deftly executed, and the result is a story that is seamless, even though it covers so many decades.

I felt very attached to both Molly and Vivian as characters. I wanted to defend them, to comfort them, and to help them have a better life. I know that sounds silly, since they are merely characters in a book. However, the fact remains that these characters are modeled after true stories; people really do go through these kinds of things. As characters, both women were richly developed. I loved seeing such strong female characters, able to persevere through hardships and not allow themselves to become victims.

While the story deals with a few rough topics (abuse, drugs/alcohol, death), I think this would actually be a great book for mature young adults who are interested in history. I also feel like many adult fans of historical fiction and contemporary fiction will enjoy the book. It certainly had a tremendous impact on me.

I received a review copy courtesy of TLC Book Tours in exchange for my honest review.

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5 Responses to “Train Truck”

  • Jayne Morrow says:

    Im looking at other questions and answers and the general thing Im getting is that theres no straight out reason aside from the risk of disease and morality. Well pornography is supposed to and tries to handle disease and they don't care about morality and theres a truckload of other more moral screwing things for the law to B**** about. Why target or show agression on what has been said to be a very old old thing of work that just won't stop.

  • Freddie Sykes says:

    I know all Catholics are Christan's but not all Christan's are catholics.And i also know their are different branches such as Lutherans,Jehovah wittiness's,etc.But it seems some of the Christan's i know don't believe in a old or new testament's,none believe in popes or praying to saints,and none went to ccd when they were in 1-8 grade.What are the different practices of the religions? i prefer long answerss. thanks

  • Mitchell Mccarthy says:

    Couldn't it just be that I took a good, honest look at all the available evidence and reached a conclusion different from yours? Does it have to be that I just want to keep on sinning? Muslims disagree with you about Jesus; is that because they just want to keep on sinning? There are some super-devout Muslims out there, as you may have observed.

  • Lonnie Nunez says:

    Many people I have spoken to recently, here in Australia,say that immorality of all kinds has increased; if not only here but world-wide. Some say that : TV, Educational Standards and Methods, de facto relationships without regular parenting, are causes. They might be, but I would like to know what you think; seriously..

  • Gale Ruiz says:

    Or are they motivated by a supernatural wicked force which is demonically inspired. Think of Sharon Tate, and during the 1940's, Ann Franks, the many Jewish families who survived the WW2, the Gypsies, Czechs, the disabled and of course JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES. All were victims of an evil regime. Were the people who perpetuated theses atrocities born to do these things or were their minds and the hands they used to do thes things manipulated by Satan himself.

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