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Asics - Finally, a Wrestling Shoe with a Wide Width

ASICS Split Second Wrestling US

ASICS Split Second Wrestling US

I have been a train lover since I was a kid and this game brings it all home. The switching in the yard is tough, a lot going on you must be aware of. I got the USA collection and almost every train you could want to run is here. The steam locomotives have a deep learning curve. I ran out of water the first couple of times. You cannot run these like diesel. You must balance the regulator and reverser just like a real steam engine. Keep the water up, I got stuck a few times on Donner Pass with the Cab forward and had to build up steam before I could get going again, but what a rush when I made it. The scenery is also beautiful. I live in Reno and have taken the Amtrak to Sacramento many times and the route is right on. I am a diehard Southern Pacific fan and they even have the SD40 tunnel motor to get through the pass's tunnels. I also enjoy the European trains, very different and enjoyable. If your like me and could watch trains all day then you will love driving them in this game. A railfans delight. Gotta go, makin a run to Mojave.

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9 Responses to “Train Truck”

  • Darlene Booth says:

    Specs say order a size larger than usual- definitely not so for my son- the next size up fit like clown shoes

  • Goldie Justice says:

  • Eric Pruitt says:

    After hours and hours and hours of going to stores, calling stores, checking websites and searching the internet, I found this pair of Asics. - Finally, a Wrestling Shoe with a Wide Width!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was great to find them. I do wish they had wider ones. Like these are just wide, as in 2e; not 4e or 6e.
    Either way, with a little longer length and the fact that they are wider than the average shoe, they fit great!

  • Jennifer Snow says:

    This product works out excellent for wrestlers with wide feet. Is wide enough and have decent grip. The soles are pretty durable. Overall a great product

  • Timothy Saunders says:

    these asics wrestling shoes are the best, i just love them. they are worth the money for a stylish looking shoe

  • Nell Wilson says:

    I wear size 11-11.5 shoes (depending on make and fit). Got these in size 12 at first, and they were too big. Exchanged them for 11.5, and they fit nice (actually, a little on the bigger size, but that's how I prefer). And they are wide, but not too much. So, you can probably get whatever size you normally wear (street shoes, not wrestling ones). A 1/2 size up max, but even that may not be necessary.

  • Dustin Britt says:

    If you need to have a flat sole for MMA with some grip these are the best. I went through three different brands of wrestling/MMA shoes until I found these. These unlike many are not bulky, they conform to your feet and ankle. I wear a size 10.5 in mens, and bought these in 10.5, they fit fine. My feet are actually size 10, but I've always bought a half a size up for comfort.

  • Erik Schwartz says:

    My son needs wide shoes which are hard to find and aren't always wide enough. These were great. Price could have been better but....

  • Justin Summers says:

    I train in JKD and Kali. Pummeling, take downs, ju-jitsu are utilized in both Martial Arts study. These shoes are awesome. Good traction, easy to maneuver, and very comfortable, and doesn't scuff mats. I recommend it to anyone who trains on mats.

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