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31 Muscle Recovery

31 Muscle Recovery

A Perfect Spy shocks, provokes, weaves a story of Magnus as he plots the ultimate betrayal. When I say the story is woven, I mean it. The structure is similar to The English Patient, where the story skips back an forth in time and amoung characters. I rate this book highly, much as I had done with other Le Carre books. A perfect Spy, however is not another Spy novel, indeed the suspence is not as central to the plot but the character development is truly epic. Magnus Pym becomes a close relation throughout the narrative, all the good, bad, ugly, and even sometimes boring. A Perfect Spy is a gripping portrait of a twisted life, and the injury of the life a spy.

A Perfect Spy is an unreal, yet believable journey in the life of a Spy. I highly recommend this book, if like me, you enjoy a non-linear story.

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6 Responses to “Train Truck”

  • William Simon says:

    I've read about "recovery drinks" like chocolate milk after exercise. Is there any truth that chocolate milk is beneficial post-workout, or is just water sufficient?

  • Candice Mendoza says:

    I recently fractured my hip, and underwent hip pinning surgery. There are 3 incisions in the side of my thigh. These muscles are understandably very weak, and after 2 weeks, I still can not walk without the aid of crutches or a walker. My muscles feel very hard to the touch around where the incisions were made. Is this normal? Should I be able to walk by now? How long does it usually take for a 31 year old to fully recover from successful hip surgery?

  • Alfredo Kim says:

    My 12 yr old son is experiencing his first year on the school swim team. He has qualified to participate in the state competition on January 31st and his coach is really working the four boys that are going hard. Yesterday she had them swim 25yds without taking a breath 20 times. My son's chest is quite sore from doing this and has been complaining of very sore muscles throughout. What is the best way to help relieve this for him so he can do his best at the competition?

  • Fern Beard says:

    i'm 31 and do about 400 to 500 hundred a day over a 5 hour period. i break my sets up into 50 to-80. i do this at my night shift job because it is so boring and nothing else to do. would doing 1,000 be to hard on the body or would i notice an increase in strength. i weigh 170 i'm already kinda of strong bench is about 320 right now.

  • Morris Hines says:

    Hi, I am a 13 year old height 5'2 and weighing between 120- 123 pounds/54-55 kgs. My waist size is 29-30 inches. I want to loose 5 inches off before aug 31 2011(school starts) Is it possible.And is it any way without dieting and excerise.Please tell me some tips.And im a girl.

  • Jeff Gonzalez says:

    The indoor track season just ended, and my best time for the 800 was a 2:31. I started the season at a 2:42 and have been improving almost every race. I am a freshman in high school and am wondering what a good goal would be for me for the 800 this outdoor season. I was thinking that since there is half as many curves on an outdoor track that that alone could help me drop a few seconds. I am hoping to make it to Varsity States this year since the provisional time is 2:32 and the automatic time is 2:22. Do you think making it to States is reachable for me this year? What could I set as a realistic goal for this season?

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