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The Bletchley Circle Season 1

The Bletchley Circle Season 1

This book was a delight, from cover to cover. The author wove several genres together to create something wholly original and entertaining; this is no mere zombie novel! Adventure, action, romance, urban fantasy, steam punk, drama- this book has it all. My favorite bits were the pearls of theology sprinkled in amongst the witty dialogue- they were brilliantly insightful and added a depth of character to a storyline that had already captured me from page one. This is the perfect book for an evening curled up with a mug of tea- just don't expect to get any sleep, because it's a page turner!

After finishing the book, I was hoping for more and looked up A.C. Davis online. No new books out yet for this talented writer, but I'm hoping that they're coming soon! You should check out his website- his blog is just as thought-provoking and entertaining as his novel! You can reach it here:

Pick up Head Dead West--you do not want to miss this book!

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8 Responses to “Train Truck”

  • Johnnie Burris says:

    We missed this first episode when it aired on our local PBS station. We were delighted with Amazon's quick service [as usual].
    We'd recommend the entire series to anyone who enjoys period dramas, and/or whodunits

  • Cora Whitney says:

    Episode one is the only one I've seen, but it was extremely good. I'm looking forward to the next episode on PBS. The acting is first rate and the writing very clear and exciting.

  • Brandy Dunlap says:

  • Wesley Baker says:

    I really enjoyed The Bletchley Circle because of the storyline, the setting and time, and the characters.
    It was very suspenseful. My only criticism would be the graphic nature of the crimes and the drawings.
    That could be toned down.

  • Greta French says:

    Beautifully art directed and costumed and filmed, this is a wonderful look at 1950s Britain and a very smart mystery/thriller. The acting is superb and it has a very original premise, women who were code-breakers at Bletchley during the war ,and find their talents not needed in peacetime, re-unite to solve a series of brutal murders. I highly recommend this series, as of now there are just 3 episodes but I am sure it will be renewed, if you enjoy Foyle, Gently and Midwife then you will love this.

  • Ray Saunders says:

    A little plodding at first but, if you stick with it, the four main characters are compelling to watch. Very enjoyable series.

  • Elnora Logan says:

    this is what drama and suspense are all about. if you watch tv, and you have half a brain left in your head, this is worth chucking in there and rolling around for a bit. mystery, just enough daily life mixed in, historical accuracy and beautifully filmed. the actors and actresses make straight forward work of the dialogue, and no one storyline gets in the way of the adventure. it's exciting and makes the viewer think. im certainly hoping for the next episode.

  • Ronnie Hurley says:

    It's so great to see women portrayed as intelligent and adventurous. It also shows the reality of the post-WW2 change in status of women who had been employed during the war.

    Really am looking forward to more.

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