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Chuggington Traintastic Adventures Free Train

Chuggington Traintastic Adventures Free Train

So first off about the gloves. These are the best I have used. I had used Harbinger gloves for years and had to replace them every few months. The Harbingers would start falling apart and would also begin to smell bad even after washing and airing out. The Schiek gloves however are made of a higher quality material and the workmanship is top notch. I do advise you buy a size smaller than the Harbingers because these do tend to run large. XL Harbingers would be equal to a Large with the Schiek. Also the leather does require about a week (4-5 works outs) to break in comfortably. Also I used them for 3 months and a couple wash's and their is no lingering nasty sweat oder.

As for customer service, I bought these from Fogdog and they are very prompt to respond to emails. I did have a issue with the thumb ares starting to split on both gloves and I must say i was a bit unhappy. When contacting Fogdog they gave me the customer service # to Schiek and I called them and actually spoke to a live person. They apologized for my problem and assured me this is not a common problem. I was asked to send in the gloves for them to inspect and less than a week later I have just received a brand new pair. Fantastic customer service from both parties.

If you are looking for quality gloves spend the extra money and buy these. You won't be sorry.

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10 Responses to “Train Truck”

  • Jamie Robertson says:

    My daughter enjoys playing it. But the only thing u have to pay for more games. But other then that its fun

  • Clyde Whitfield says:

    The Kindle store does not seem to have a mass selection of really great kids games but this one is a must. Wish I could get it in my iPod.

    Keeps my four year old totally entertained. He doesn't get frustrated because it is too advanced or to babyish. Love it! Even bought him one of the add on packs ( the free version only has one train)

  • Lloyd Arnold says:

    my 3 yr old sits and plays this game for at least an hr each night. also just bought the pack to go with it.

  • Olivia Jarvis says:

    My son is in love with Chuggington and he was so excited to see this app! He's played it a few times and it works quite well for a free app.

  • Dona Alvarado says:

    My son loves this game and plays for hours. Great games for Pre-school children. I recommend and the upgrade are worth the money.

  • Sidney Alvarez says:

    Good games for preschooler. My two year old loves to play Chuggington Adventures and so does my 6 year old.

  • Myrtle Carpenter says:

    Great FREE App ! I have down loaded this to both our Kindles and we love it and use it often !!!

  • Natalie Armstrong says:

  • Tyler Hobbs says:

    A bit complicated for an almost three-year old, but he loves sitting next to Grandpa and being a part of the action.

    We love to watch Chugginton together. So, this game lets us be a part of Chuggington. I do miss, though, the trainees getting into predicaments.

    Little boys, and, I guess some little girls, love trains and this game keeps toddler and grandparents busy and sharing quality time.

  • Nannie Waters says:

    My kids loves this Game. They are big Chuggington fans and love to be able to play with all the trains!

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