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Great toy for toddlers!

Small World Express Tailgate Trio Flight

Small World Express Tailgate Trio Flight

As a parent I soon realized pot and pans and cardboard boxes can be a lot more fun than some of the fancy gadgets with bells and whistles I have and continue to buy. This toy defies gravity as my son has tossed them around the room a couple of times and they keep on ticking. This combination of train and airplanes is all my son needs to keep him in his crib for an hour without making a peep. Well he also needs the dump truck version of these and his stuffed animals but they work. My only complaint is the magnets did not the same direction on the planes and the trucks I bought separately. This frustrated my two year old to no end. I was able to switch them with a screw driver, but the helicopter only goes one way the rest could be turned. So I had to do it twice. I would do it again as this is a winner in the clutter of beeping talking and other wise annoying toys. The girls love them to because they seem to not get enough "vehicles" and this one is so fun to push and pull.

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4 Responses to “Train Truck”

  • Jody Hayes says:

    My two year old is into to cars, trains, and plains. This toy is just the right combination! He loves it and plays with it all the time. The toy is very durable, as it was dropped and trown many times and still has all part intact. Highly recommend!

  • Shannon Weiss says:

    These little planes are perfect for my Grandchildren to hold and play with. They are durable, small enough to travel, light enough for my Grandson to fly above his head like an airplane should. My Granddaughter likes to hold them and they are big enough not to fit into her mouth.
    This is the Perfect Fit Airline.

  • Russell Gregory says:

    I use this toy with my Early Start deaf and hard of hearing students. Even the one year old children can figure out that they attach with the magnet. A good size to hold and play with for little hands. It is hard to find airplane and helicopter toys of this size and this is the perfect set. I ordered another set for one of,my students to keep since he loved it so much! He is able to vocalize and use the airplane sign as he moves it through the air.

  • Daniel Owens says:

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