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Trains Learn About Learning ebook

Trains Learn About Learning ebook

This book was a delight, from cover to cover. The author wove several genres together to create something wholly original and entertaining; this is no mere zombie novel! Adventure, action, romance, urban fantasy, steam punk, drama- this book has it all. My favorite bits were the pearls of theology sprinkled in amongst the witty dialogue- they were brilliantly insightful and added a depth of character to a storyline that had already captured me from page one. This is the perfect book for an evening curled up with a mug of tea- just don't expect to get any sleep, because it's a page turner!

After finishing the book, I was hoping for more and looked up A.C. Davis online. No new books out yet for this talented writer, but I'm hoping that they're coming soon! You should check out his website- his blog is just as thought-provoking and entertaining as his novel! You can reach it here:

Pick up Head Dead West--you do not want to miss this book!

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10 Responses to “Train Truck”

  • Seth Jacobs says:

    I'm 6'3 and 175 pounds I know i probably should be able to dunk already but i can't and i want to learn how...i know how to dunk on smaller rims and i can touch rim on a 10 foot hoop but i don't have the leg muscles to dunk the ball yet so any suggestions on what exercises would help me build the most leg muscle is appreciated.

  • Brooke Jacobs says:

    I have been playing guitar for a year, completely self taught, but I never played anything but power chords. How do I learn actual chords by ear?

  • Morris Elliott says:

    Hi i want to learn multimedia for free online ,Is there any free multimedia softwares that i download and work on it..

  • Howard Rowland says:

    I work in oil and fuel distribution and my work is pretty much centered around customer service and safety documents, and although there are some training modules to go by, I'm hoping for a "for dummies" type guide to selling oil. Any mechanics or oil genius' out there with some good ideas?

  • Wendy Osborne says:

    I want to learn a positive approach to dog training I can do myself.Which do it yourself dog training ebooks are the best?

  • Alberto Vargas says:

    We Have two dogs and One is a Male Mimi Pintcher and the other is a Female Beagle/Lab mix. My dog Opal Beagle/Lab is learning but My husbands dog Oey Mimi Pintcher whon't even attempt to learn. He runs round with Opal and then just stops and goes! He is 1yr and just wont go outside!! I started putting him out side every half hour and he holds it and when he comes in after about an hour he goes! We tried all types of metheds, kenal training, tough love, also treats. I dont want to pay to have him trained but this is my last hope! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • Adrienne Clark says:

    I mean is it just learning all the coffee recipes, and learning to use the brewing machines?

  • Dustin Guerra says:

    I think it will waste lots of time taking lessons. I prefer learning playing guitar online at home. I can learn faster:P How to teach myself?

  • Frankie Alvarado says:

    My son, who is 10, just started playing indoor soccer. He has no experience, so understandably, he is one of the weakest on the team. It's painful to watch him play, at times. One of his main weaknesses is that he has no power on his kicks. Are there any soccer coaches out there that can suggest some training exercises that we can do in the backyard or inside or at the local soccer field so in a year, he will be stronger with his shots? Help!

  • Alex Flowers says:

    I want to learn a positive approach to dog training I can do myself.

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