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I didn't expect him to like them...but he LOVES them.

Mighty Machines Power Pack

Mighty Machines Power Pack

My two year old found this series on Netflix on his own when we were looking for more shows about trucks. He has watched the Hard Hat Harry ones on Netflix and loved those. He even watched the History Channel Monster Trucks documentary from Modern Marvels over and over -- He LOVES "Big Trucks"! This series is so simple, does not use cuddly animals or cartoons, and yet he is absorbed again and again. He especially loves the Giant Tow Truck one from season 3. I have been sucked into them as well. They are very neat and his verbalization has shot up significantly since he started watching them. I am not sure why America has not caught onto this format of children's real bells and whistles, no talking down to toddlers and young people...just well edited and full of Mighty Machines! (The theme song is admittedly catchy as well.) VERY highly suggested!

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  • Jordan Holden says:

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