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My 60 day results and a word of warning.

Beachbody SANDVD2151 INSANITY DVD Workout

Beachbody SANDVD2151 INSANITY DVD Workout

To preface I have had bilateral knee microfracture surgery and lumbar discectomy and have gotten through one month of insanity and LOVE IT!! I, like others read the reviews and warnings not to use this program if you have knee and/or back issues. While there is not modified exercises for the difficult and joint straining moves, I just have always listened to Shaun T. chant "form over speed". That being said, I don't go beyond my limits. For jumping moves, I don't jump as forcefully as I once used to prior to my surgeries, I have just tried to listen to my body and push when I can and then develop my own modifications. I have completed the first month, lost 8 pounds, 3 inches off my waist/bust and develped some quad muscles that I haven't seen in a long time.

I wanted to write for those who have had knee and/or back surgery and say it is possible to do this program with caution and lots of stretching. As everyone writes, its not for everyone, but a lot of the postings almost discouraged me from purchasing this. I am so happy with it and look forward to working out each day:)

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  • Liliana Taylor says:

  • Latoya Scott says:

    This is my first product review, and I just have to say that of the many many workout products I've tried, this is the ONLY one that has gotten me results. I'm a mom of two, a 3 1/2 year old and a 1 year old, and have always struggled with my weight. Diets never worked, and after my daughter was born my husband and I got a gym membership where I lost about 10 pounds and then never lost any more. My husband saw this infomercial and said he wanted to try it, and even though I was skeptical I agreed. We're now in the middle of our second round and I love it!!! After my son was born I weighed 189lbs (I'm 5'9" and 26 years old), and after our first round of Insanity I got down to 157. The first thing I noticed was the muscle tone in my arms. No more bat wings!! You will do a lot of push ups and shoulder work, and it definitely pays of. I'm no longer embarrassed to wear tank tops! Also I saw more definition in my legs and abs even in the first couple of weeks. I didn't follow the eating guide closely at all, and now I'm actually eating more than I used to because my metabolism is up, though I am trying to make healthier choices. Now in our second round I'm down to 152 and the results are even better!!(I'm wearing a mini skirt for the first time in my life!) We even cancelled our gym membership and never looked backed. In fact, after seeing my results, all of my friends have started doing it and are also getting amazing results! Bottom line: If you actually put in the effort, this program works. Shaun T. is a good motivator, you feel like you're getting a good workout, and the results are awesome. I went from a size 10-12 to a size 3-4, something I never thought possible. Definitely try it!!

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