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Recommend highly and would buy the trains again and again.

Thomas Friends Wooden Railway Engine

Thomas Friends Wooden Railway Engine

Henry is a classic engine and part of the 8 core characters in Thomas and Friends. He is in almost every video and essential, unfortunately he is not combined with any video (that i know of) so you just have to look at the bargain bin like i do. At first I was not sure to get Henry because he originally had a very inaccurate looking tender in his old model. Now he is sleeker and much better looking. While pricey, it is a great train to get, as the last review says if you get Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, and Toby, (numbers 1-7) they are great for learning numbers. Also Henry's tender, combined with others, can be great freight cars for those who don't want to pay even more. Henry in general is a very quality train with more wood than plastic and he is a great asset to any fan.

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5 Responses to “Train Truck”

  • Michael Riley says:

    I'm confused by all the different types (Trackmaster, Take Along, etc.). My son is 1 and a half and just loves Thomas. My wife and I want to get him a set that he will be able to enjoy for a while. We have heard some are being discontinued. It's just too much.

  • Gary Cooke says:

    Where can I find reviews and opinions online for Bertie the Bus

  • Dora Yang says:

    Looking for a plastic track, or ANYTHING that goes with the 'Hero of the Rails' movie. Its my son's favorite, and would mean a lot if I could find a toy for this. Im pretty sure that before the movie starts it shows a track, but cant find one anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Angela Emerson says:

    our local news station said various wooden thomas the tank trains have been recalled for having lead based paint. i searched the news station website but cant find which trains are recalled. anyone else heard about this?

  • Traci Cantu says:

    Does anyone know if the the Thomas trains are actually toxic if so where can I get information about it?

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