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Lionel Trains On Track Nintendo DS

Lionel Trains On Track Nintendo DS

As a parent I soon realized pot and pans and cardboard boxes can be a lot more fun than some of the fancy gadgets with bells and whistles I have and continue to buy. This toy defies gravity as my son has tossed them around the room a couple of times and they keep on ticking. This combination of train and airplanes is all my son needs to keep him in his crib for an hour without making a peep. Well he also needs the dump truck version of these and his stuffed animals but they work. My only complaint is the magnets did not the same direction on the planes and the trucks I bought separately. This frustrated my two year old to no end. I was able to switch them with a screw driver, but the helicopter only goes one way the rest could be turned. So I had to do it twice. I would do it again as this is a winner in the clutter of beeping talking and other wise annoying toys. The girls love them to because they seem to not get enough "vehicles" and this one is so fun to push and pull.

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