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Whittles are wonderful!!

Whittle Shortline Railroad Western Pacific

Whittle Shortline Railroad Western Pacific

I won't bother providing an overview of the book. You can get that from the jacket or other reviews found on Amazon.

I am a very picky reader and don't like to waste my time with bad literature. With this in mind, I felt this book started very slow and at a couple of points, I nearly put it down. Fortunately, I stuck with it and the suspense and tension in the story built like a freight train moving out of a rail yard. Once the book hit full speed, I didn't want to put it down. I literally hid it under stuff and hunched my shoulders to sneak in a little more reading while at work. When I finished the book, I was disappointed that the story was over.

This was the first Deutermann novel I read, but a day after finishing this one, I went right back to the library to get another. Look for my review of "Hunting Season" in the not-too-distant future.

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