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Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries 1

Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries 1

I'd never heard of this series before it popped up in my Vine list. But I have to say, I am really enjoying it. It has a weird modern sensibility for something set in 1920s Melbourne and it feels more British than Australian to me, but each episode is so much fun and intrigue that I find myself not caring about the modernity or the setting so much. Phryne Fisher, Lady Detective, has no fear of sticking her nose in where it likely does not belong. She'll take on the bad guys and look good doing it, even if hard-nosed DI Jack Robinson does not want her anywhere near his cases.

The cast is superb. The music is fantastic, and the stories are fun. If Miss Marple were Australian and forty years younger, she might have been a lot like Phryne. They certainly both know how to meddle in things they should not be meddling in. Definitely for fans of period mysteries. Even when the story gets a bit dark, there are moments of lightness (the relationship between Phryne's maid Dot and Constable Collins is adorable and a never-ending delight to behold in terms of the awkwardness). Overall, this is a well put together series even if the nature of the mysteries feels a bit same-old, same-old after a while. Well worth watching though.

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