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You will want to read this one straight through

Train Man ebook

Train Man ebook

I won't bother providing an overview of the book. You can get that from the jacket or other reviews found on Amazon.

I am a very picky reader and don't like to waste my time with bad literature. With this in mind, I felt this book started very slow and at a couple of points, I nearly put it down. Fortunately, I stuck with it and the suspense and tension in the story built like a freight train moving out of a rail yard. Once the book hit full speed, I didn't want to put it down. I literally hid it under stuff and hunched my shoulders to sneak in a little more reading while at work. When I finished the book, I was disappointed that the story was over.

This was the first Deutermann novel I read, but a day after finishing this one, I went right back to the library to get another. Look for my review of "Hunting Season" in the not-too-distant future.

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8 Responses to “Train Truck”

  • Patti Suarez says:

    Okay, can anyone help recommend any book that has fantasy and romance in them? I don't care if there are any other genres, but I like books with romance and fantasy. I'm not very fond of books that tell about guys; I like the ones where the girl is the main character ans she and a guy fall in love. :P Anyone?

  • Bernard Witt says:

    Im 15, 230 pounds, 6 feet and just started p90x. I want to lise weoght but im not sure how many calories i need to lose weight. Can somone tell me how many i need.

  • Winnie Martinez says:

    The elephant squishes the men's heads in. I cannot remember the book and I thought that it was Water For Elephants, but I seem to be mistaken.

  • Dina Fox says:

    I am very tall and lean and i want to get muscular and strong. i have very very little body fat, but i just do not have any visible muscles/abs or anything. how do i get those within two months? i have already bought a $50 cellucor 30 serving container pre workout and ON hydro whey protein 3 lb container. what exercises should i be doing, what foods should i be eating, etc?

  • Mandy Hess says:

    I am really good at Excel. I am better than a la men but I want to be able to do more. I live in Massachusetts. Is there a Microsoft training center or do colleges have classes for this?

  • Alyson Mcmahon says:

    I am 17 and I play for my high school and I play for a City where I live at. Teams Such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, MANU, Chelsea and so on. I'd rather not play on the MLS teams. Do I have to go to college and play for them to notice me?

  • Joanne Stein says:

    Santa left me a Kindle under the Christmas tree! Im looking for some recommendations of books that anyone has read recently or their all time favourite read, genre can be Thriller, Crime, Classic, Vampire, Romance, Sci fi or horror anything really. Many Thanks im looking forward to a long list of recommendations and a lot of reading.

  • Merle Bates says:

    Is there any kind of online training course that will help you lose weight? Like one that you can have your own personal online trainer and chat via email or something and they can give you advice and you update them on how you're doing?

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