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Awesome book for those who ride

Feed Zone Portables On Go

Feed Zone Portables On Go

The book starts with an introductory section on nutrition and digestion. I'm not too much of a scientific person, so I didn't mean to, but all of a sudden found myself reading it thinking: "That's how it should have been tought us back then at school". - So even before I went on to take a look into the recipees themselves, I was already convinced that "Feed Zone Portables" certainly is worth its money:

I experienced it myself, but it's so much better to know why sometimes your body does not accept what you eat or drink while exercising/racing.

To me, the book - as much as its predecessor "The Feed Zone Cookbook" - is a valuable source of easy-to-make food for every occasion, and not only for sports enthusiasts like myself. It gives a lot of useful tips and information even for those who don't usually prepare meals for themselves. Also, you learn a lot on nutrition, organising, storage and so on in general along the way.

As much as "The Feed Zone Cookbook" has helped me a lot in enriching my diet and facilitating it at the same time, will the "Feed Zone Portables" add to that, I'm sure!

Big recommendation!

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