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BodyMedia CORE Weight Management System

BodyMedia CORE Weight Management System

One of the things I like most about this monitor is, you only have to do or care about what YOU want to do or care about. In other words, if you aren't interested in increasing your exercise, you just work on your nutrition. If you aren't interested in changing your diet, you just work on your calorie expenditure. If you don't care about the quality of your sleep, just ignore that part. It doesn't require you to do anything you don't want to do. I like that! However, I'm doing ALL of it and enjoying it more than I thought I would.

Even though I have a good understanding of nutrition and a whole gym full of excellent exercise equipment, I needed a wake-up call. This little monitor is much more effective than I thought it would be. I hadn't considered getting one, but had to try it when I had the opportunity, just for fun. It's turning out to be much more than fun. It could literally be a life-saver.

At first I thought it would be a real pain having an arm band, but I rarely notice it. It's easy to download the information and check my progress once I figured out how to get it set up. That was really no big deal, but I always tend to make things harder than they have to be.

The packing is awful. I blame the dishonest people who steal things, requiring us to put up with this kind of packaging, which rips my hands when I open packages.

The armband is well made and very comfortable. After a short time I forgot it was there. It's easy to sleep in it.

First I charged the armband for 3 hours. No problem.

The step-by-step instructions were easy to follow. It has been stress free for me.

There have been no negatives.


I love the little notes I get occasionally that say that I'm not reaching my exercise goal for today. Then it suggests a simple exercise I could do that would help get me closer to that goal. That encouragement helps nudge me to stay on track.

I absolutely love the way I can look at the graph and see the little red line, and then notice that my little 'blips' are on or even BELOW the line. That line shows me where I should be if I'm on track to reach my goal by the deadline I set for myself.

There is another 'blip' that shows me changes in my waistline, which have happened faster than my weight, and are significant in a very short period of time.

In setting that GOAL deadline, there is a 'slider' where you get to decide if you would rather cut back a little on fat/calories or if you prefer to exercise more, or maybe 50/50. You can always change it.

For example: I want to lose 30 lbs by July 15th and I want to use a combination of changes in both my diet and exercise. The red line tells me how I am doing toward that goal. I'm right on target, which is very motivating!

I have had some eye-opening experiences when evaluating my nutrition logs. There were some things that I really don't enjoy that much, and by eliminating or cutting back on those, I got to keep some of the things that I really do enjoy eating. Fantastic!

Another eye-opener from using this monitor was to see just how in trouble I really was. I was in denial, just playing around a little occasionally with doing a little exercise here and there, taking a cup less fat, (my favorite junk food) and feeling good about it when even that was piling on pounds, fat, cholesterol, and bad health. It's not easy to fool this little gadget. It works on facts. It doesn't believe the little fibs I tell it about how much fat or sugar I'm eating every day. It keeps me honest with myself.

I am making good progress, losing a little weight, losing even more inches, and gaining muscle strength. I'm pretty sure it will help with bone density (against osteoporosis) and range of motion as well, because I am being more consistent in both diet and exercise.

I am very happy with my little monitor. It's like a little instructor, teaching me how to become more fit. I love it!

Update March 4, 2012, I'm still using my BodyMedia monitor. I have learned more than ever before about food. The little monitor doesn't allow me to cheat or pretend that a certain food is what it isn't. It uses facts and tallies it all up for me every day with no room for excuses. That is working for me.

Get your BodyMedia CORE Weight Management System Now!

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6 Responses to “Train Truck”

  • Jonathan Bruce says:

    This is my second full day wearing the Fit Core. It was simple to set up, infact it was easier to set up then to take out of the hard plastic packaging! It comes with a one month free subscription and I purchased a 12 month suscription (it was cheaper per month). I have worn the Fit Core twice to bed and I don't even feel it's there. I wear it up to 23 hours a day. I barely notice it while doing my everyday activities. Occasionally I do swim and since this device is not water proof I cannot wear it while I swim, but that's no big deal. I have lost 40 pounds since October 2010 on my own. I recently hit a plateu which is why I bought the Fit Core. I am currently 157 pounds and am 5'2". Size 12 pants and Medium shirts. I was obsese (size 16 pants and XL shirts) and now just overweight according to the BMI. I would like to be in the normal range. I would like to weigh 125. I set up the Fit Core for a 1 pound weight loss per week. Which means I need to burn an extra 3500 calores a week, which is to have a deficit of 500 calories a day. I just plug in the device to the computer and it pulls up the BodyMedia website and quickly uploads my information. I also log in all the food I eat. If you cannot find a certain food you can add it. Although I will find adding the foods I eat this Thanksgiving a challenge since I am not preparing the meal. Oh well, I can roughly guess the calories in a few slices of turkey and a spoonful or two of gravy, etc. On most days I will not see this as a problem since I know the calories in the foods I eat. Some people have said on the reviews for the Fit that the sensors on the device irritate their skin. I have sensitive skin and have no problem. Although I want to say be careful when taking off the devise. Do not rip it off! Gently work it off because it sticks if I am sweaty. I find the armband comfortable and the right size for me. I like that the Fit Core tells me how I sleep. I had a rough night last night coughing and it showed when I was up. Plus, when my toddler came in and woke me up. Very neat! I like looking at the graphs and understanding what activities really burn calories. I just love the fit Core and can't wait to drop all the extra weight!

  • Jaime James says:

    Although this product is geared towards those who want to lose weight, I think it is ideal for anyone who wants to be healthier. The armband tracks so many bits of useful info (caloric intake, calories burned, steps taken, physical activity, sleep efficiency) that are helping me gain a better understanding of how my body works. You can use pre-set goals or customize your own based on what you want to achieve. I think the product will be most useful once I reach my goal weight because because it will help set and achieve goals that are realistic and healthy to maintain my weight loss. No more yo-yoing for me. I highly recommend the Bodymedia CORE armband to anyone who wants a better understanding of how their body works.

  • Zelma Wilson says:

    Before I bought this product, I read all the reviews on Amazon and had a few concerns. I bought it anyway and have been nothing but happy. My concerns were as follows:
    1) There were some lousy reviews about customer service. I have had no problems whatsoever. I have addressed a question to customer service twice and received timely responses and effective fixes both times. I think it's possible that they took the feedback to heart and have improved.
    2) There was at least one review that criticized the velcro on the strap; the instructions are very specific that you should use the velcro to set the initial size but, from then on, just use the elastic to pull it down your arm and off. It works, it's reasonable, and there is no wear and tear on the velcro.
    3) There were some comments about accuracy; honestly, these mostly made me laugh. Yes, the Bodymedia product shows that I burn fewer calories on the elliptical than the elliptical says. It's not the Bodymedia device that is incorrect; those machines are notoriously incorrect and there has been no testing on them. There is no doubt in my mind which one to believe.

    My observations:
    1) Wearing the armband has given me a much better idea of what activities burn more calories--it's not always what you think. I had been choosing the elliptical over an exercise DVD I have based on my perceived calorie burn (and not losing weight when I thought I should). Now, I know that the DVD gives me a much more effective workout and the weight is coming off.
    2) It is motivational. I like to see the numbers go up. I like to beat my personal best. Maybe I should take the stairs. Maybe I'll get up from my desk once and hour and walk around the office. No, I don't mind going to the basement to get the sippy cup you left there...
    3) It's not magic; you will not lose weight by wearing it. It's still hard work, but you get to see tangible results moment to moment. It's motivating and sustaining, but it won't work without lifestyle change.

  • Chris Randolph says:

    I've had the CORE for two weeks and I love it. The information it provides is simply amazing. It is highly motivating to see what I've done each day and how I could improve tomorrow. The reports are awesome, too. You can see what you've done on any particular day or a summary of the last 7/14/21/28 days.

    In addition, I've not had any issues with skin irritation possibly because I slide it up or down from wherever it was the previous day. It's not too big or bulky. I can't even see it when I wear a tee-shirt to work out.

    That said, this device is probably best for people who are already investing money in the process of getting into shape. Otherwise, the cost of the unit plus the cost of the monthly subscription will probably be a sticking point. (See some of the other reviews).

    In my case, about a year ago I made the decision to work out three times a week with a physical trainer. That expense plus the cost of the gym membership itself made the decision to spend the $140 + monthly subscription for the CORE a no-brainer, as it represents a little less than two weeks of what I currently spend. For me, it was worth it because I want to know what's really happening in terms of calorie burn instead of relying on fitness machines or the estimate from myfitnesspal (a free smartphone and web app that I use to track everything I eat).

    Speaking of food tracking ... some of the other reviews here mention the inadequacy the food tracking portion of the CORE app. The solution is to not even use it and go with myfitnesspal or sparkpeople or some other app that is focused on that specific purpose. Then, at the end of the day, just take your calorie total from that app and enter it into this one.

  • Elmer Ferrell says:

    I'm excited to get the Bodymedia FIT Core armband. I've already started using it and the results are fun and inspiring!

    Activity monitors have become very popular and there are a wide variety to choose from. Most are just fancy pedometers, but the Bodymedia FIT is more advanced and more accurate. It's also very comfortable and easy to use. The armband you receive will include a medium size strap. It is soft and comfortable and adjustable to a point. Bodymedia sells small and large replacement straps on their website if you need one.

    The BodyMedia FIT uses sensors that make contact with your body at all times for a more accurate measurement of the calories you burn as well as other data. Wear it comfortably on your arm all day and all night. Remove it once a day to sync the data with your computer (it just takes a few seconds), and you'll get a very accurate reading of how many calories you burned, how many steps you took, the amount of physical activity you exerted, and even how long you slept! You can enter your meals into a food log and check your calorie deficit. Whether your goal is to lose weight or just become more active and fit, the Bodymedia will make it easy. For example, yesterday I did not log as many steps as I wanted so today I am paying more attention to my activity so that I will walk more. If I didn't have the Bodymedia armband, today would turn out the same as yesterday.

    I think a lot of people are curious how the Bodymedia product compares to the newer FitBit product. Another reviewer commented that the products did the same thing, but they don't. The FitBit is an activity monitor (pedometer) that doesn't track what is going on in your body. And for what it is, it is very nice! But the Bodymedia FIT is a body sensor that logs data from YOUR body which leads to more accurate data.

    The FitBit never makes contact with your body so it doesn't transfer personal data. It uses a generic calculation, assuming your body is the same as every other person your size. In the real world, we are all unique and two people with similar builds may have very different metabolisms. The Bodymedia sensor has the ability to track your calories burned more accurately.

    FitBit as an advanced pedometer is great! They boast 95% accuracy in steps taken, but they will not disclose an accuracy rate for calories burned. They can't, since the FitBit doesn't know how many calories YOU burn since the product doesn't have sensors and doesn't touch your body.

    The Bodymedia FIT does require a small subscription fee while the FitBit offers a free subscription. There is a difference between them. The Free fitbit subscription offers limited information. FitBit offers a PAID subscription that is comparable to the Bodymedia paid subscription. That said, I do think Bodymedia should reduce their monthly fee a little bit. The current rate is very affordable, but I think it would be more reasonable to charge a dollar or two less for what you get. You'll still get three months free with your purchase of the armband, according to the current offer.

    I'm very, very happy with the Bodymedia product. It's easy to use, very comfortable to wear, and the activity monitor makes it fun to follow my goals.

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