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The Art Coaching Strategies Transformation

The Art Coaching Strategies Transformation

I have been coaching in urban schools for almost 10 years, and I have read a LOT of books about coaching and this is by far the BEST, most comprehensive resource on coaching that I have yet to find. I cannot put it down. The way that Elena breaks down the six lenses that coaches use and then gives an actual coaching example for each of the lenses makes the content of this book incredibly accessible. She brilliantly breaks down the many aspects of coaching so that coaches can methodically improve on a variety of levels. By naming the effective practices of impactful and transformational coaching, Elena supports the reader in developing deep understandings that will transfer into practice. I now manage a team of coaches, and we will be studying this book next year. Using this book at our foundational text will take my coaches' work to the next level. This would also be a GREAT resource for principals. You can read it cover-to-cover or parts of chapters...either way you'll gain deep and useful insights into the complexity of coaching for transformation.

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  • Mike Bolton says:

    This book should become every coach's dog-eared bible when it comes to coaching toward equity. She frames the issues well and offers practical strategies for helping instructional coaches have hard conversations about which students are achieving and which ones aren't. The coaching lenses she outlines help make coaching moves easy to understand and incorporate into one's own practice. Her take on listening as a key coaching strategy is priceless. This book will be a resource for future educators for many years.

  • Theodore Fletcher says:

    If you are a principal or coach...if you buy one book this should definitely be this book. You will not regret it. This book is the most comprehensive and powerful resource you will find on coaching. Not only will your work be impacted, but you, as a person, will grow and be impacted. Elena's heart and mind are brilliantly captured in this book. She does an amazing job of balancing the theory of coaching with practical applications so that coaches can understand the "why" behind the different practices she highlights. You'll love it!

  • Celina Baxter says:

  • Autumn Bradshaw says:

    This book answers so many questions about the actual how-to of coaching in the public schools. The real-life examples and anecdotes are inspiring, and sometimes frightening. Every school leader and coach would read this book. I am impressed by the detailed strategies, and encouraged by what could be possible for schools that take on this kind of transformational process.

  • Jim Roberson says:

    First of all... Big congratulations and thank you for this book. I am blown away! Perhaps it is one of the first coherent road-maps for this path. So detailed! Wonderful to have the quotes from other coaching books, the anecdotes. I love the concrete advice, as well as the coaching stance for the inner voice. As an educator, I'm often asked to 'coach and facilitate', but without any tools for that. This book is very compassionate.

  • Ruben Long says:

    This books is so valuable for school leaders, district leaders and coaches. The book very specifically shows how transformational coaching can make a major impact on a school, on students and on the human beings involved. I love how this book has multiple audiences so you can read this from the lens of a teacher, Principal, coach or district leader. Ms. Aguilar draws on related work that helps the reader build context while putting forth her own beliefs and definitions of transformational coaching. The book is not only incredibly hands-on and practical, it is hopeful in an often difficult time for educators.

  • Dena Michael says:

    If you are involved in helping others develop their abilities/skills/intellect, then this book is a must-read. It's certainly applicable to working in schools, but many of its ideas can certainly be applied in work and home situations, too.

  • Alisa Newton says:

    Since I'm mentioned on the Acknowledgments page of The Art of Coaching, I'll confess that I'm the fellow who suggested to Elena Aguilar that she might find a receptive audience for a book written about coaching - for coaches - and by an active coach. As an education journalist, I've interviewed many teachers who've been pulled into the coaching role over the past decade, as this particular professional development strategy has grown in popularity (and substance). So I was well aware of the hunger for wise counsel among those "selected" to coach (mentioned by Shannon in another review on this page).

    When my copy arrived, I expected to find some great how-to advice (which is present throughout The Art of Coaching) but I had no idea Elena's book would be so potentially transformative for its audience. It practices what it preaches - the transparency, the trust-building, the human connection so necessary to set the stage for growth and positive change, it's all there in her own voice and writing.

    My guess is that 10 years from now, if we examine the Essential Reference shelves of the nation's best teaching coaches, we will find well-worn, sticky-note filled copies of this extraordinary book.

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