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Love as Seen by Strangers on a Train

Trains Lovers Alexander McCall Smith

Trains Lovers Alexander McCall Smith

In many ways this is a bit of a departure from Smith's usual works. It does not seem to be the start of a new continuing series like 44 SCOTLAND STREET etc but is instead a stand alone collection of narratives describing the stories of a group of travelers who meet when they happen to share a compartment on a train on a long journey. The stories are the sort of things that strangers stuck together might share in this situation, relating how they came to be on that particular journey.

Typical of AMS's these stories are poignant, realistic snippets of life sprinkled with gentle humor. This is a book to buy to take along on a journey, prolonged or otherwise. The format of shorter narratives makes this a book that can easily be read in starts and stops. It needs to be purchased rather than borrowed because it is something that deserves to be read multiple times.

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  • Essie Roy says:

    im looking for some new reading material, i enjoyed the twilight series and harry potters i also love virginia anderws early works but i seem to of run out of things to read, ive tried rachel caine and liked the weather wardens series but wasn't as keen on morganville vampires series, it seemed to drag, can anyone recommend anything as im tearing my hair out trying to find something, im heavily pregnant so i can't do much around the house and am on leave from work so i end up with loads of free time and my husband takes over the tv so i cant get near that (even when i do, i cant find anything decent and end up passing the remote back) any help would be great, thanks

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