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Simple Cyrus Hear Series ebook

Simple Cyrus Hear Series ebook

After one year of using the Body Media device daily I am ready to declare this the best fitness and conditioning program available. Once you have a couple of months of data you start to see how every activity in your life effects your fitness and weight.

Walking stairs instead of taking the elevator is now a measurable effort, knowing at 3 pm that you need to burn more calories to meet your goal will get you to the gym more effectively than any trainer.

I now know how much effort it takes for me to rake leaves, shovel snow, wash the car, etc. Allowing for a personal fitness plan that also has my home looking pretty nice also. Hint, you burn some serious calories sanding and staining a deck.

Designed right here in Pittsburgh this is a very advanced product, cost less than a gym membership and all you have to do to to keep on track put it on your arm and start paying attention to how your body works.

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