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Thomas The Tank Engine Around

Thomas The Tank Engine Around

The TTR series finds a way to achieve playability with the family (very easy to learn the basics, ~1 hour play time, suitable for children and adults, colorful and durable) while making the games attractive to advanced and/or competitive style players. this flexibility to me is a monumental achievement itself, but to top it off it is a very fun game as well.

I personally enjoy games which tax strategic and tactical skills when playing with people my own age, such as dominion, settlers of catan, puerto rico, race for the galaxy, and the like. I can say that this game, though simple, still gives me a lot of satisfaction with my own routing and timing skills against those of my friends. so don't worry if you think it will be too easy, as it is wholly dependent upon who you are playing against.

Of the north american, europe, and marklin (germany) versions, I prefer this europe map the most. the map itself covers a nice dynamic range of city densities and route sizes, along with some good route options. the most crucial unique feature of the europe edition is the train stations which allow you to piggy-back another player's adjacent segment up to 3 times for a victory point fee; great for grabbing those just-out-of-reach destinations or for getting past someone who cut you off.

the one drawback I've found is that there are only 6 "long" route cards of which each player is initially given one, and they make it easier to predict an opponents general path flow, which can be strategically fun but also feels stale after a while. but what LUCK! the 1912 card expansion is available to add more long routes and perfect this game to a true gem. I look forward to playing this with my own children when they are out of the card-chewing train-swallowing and board-kicking toddler years. It'll sure beat sitting them in front of a TV or video game...

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5 Responses to “Train Truck”

  • Julio Fleming says:

    i have 2 boys aged 3 and 2 and a little girl who is 1, the bedroom was decorated as thomas the tank engine before but kids being kids have ripped the wallpaper down so i want to paint it in colours to suit all 3, i was thinking of doing 2 walls baby pink and 2 walls baby blue but not sure now! any ideas?

  • Jeffery Warren says:

    My son will be 2 in August and I have no idea what to do for his party. His favorite character is Thomas the train. So I was thinking something with that. Anyone have any good ideas?

  • Hannah Leach says:

    I even went on ebay and the used stuff is like expensive! My son is 2 and he loves Thomas the tank engine toys. I want to buy him some of the clothes and the other types of engines, but I think they are way too much. Who else thinks this?

  • Claire Joyce says:

    I do because I used to love Thomas the tank engine. Why do other people love them when Thomas has only been around 20 odd years?

  • Karl Burks says:

    My kids have a battery powered Thomas the Tank Engine train track with a little helicopter that spins around on top and a thomas engine and a green Henry engine. There is a part on the track that dumps little orange balls onto Thomas or Henry, can't remember which one. Anyways, I forget who manufactured the toy and I need a replacement battery powered engine...anybody know what I'm talking about and knows where to find one? Thanks

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