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Maps Other Side Adventures Cartographer

Maps Other Side Adventures Cartographer

I have been coaching in urban schools for almost 10 years, and I have read a LOT of books about coaching and this is by far the BEST, most comprehensive resource on coaching that I have yet to find. I cannot put it down. The way that Elena breaks down the six lenses that coaches use and then gives an actual coaching example for each of the lenses makes the content of this book incredibly accessible. She brilliantly breaks down the many aspects of coaching so that coaches can methodically improve on a variety of levels. By naming the effective practices of impactful and transformational coaching, Elena supports the reader in developing deep understandings that will transfer into practice. I now manage a team of coaches, and we will be studying this book next year. Using this book at our foundational text will take my coaches' work to the next level. This would also be a GREAT resource for principals. You can read it cover-to-cover or parts of chapters...either way you'll gain deep and useful insights into the complexity of coaching for transformation.

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